YP-AB® anti-corrosion and rust inhibitor

YP - A ® series corrosion resistance of rust agent is my company according to the present in coastal and offshore areas and saline geological development and into the mechanism of corroded reinforced concrete structures of the nitrous acid salt of new materials, products divided into type A, type B, and AB, by organic polyol components, corrosion resistant components, rust resistance components, plastic components and the composition of polymer components. In A large number of engineering practices, YP-A® series products AB are more widely used. Its anti-corrosion components and polymer components in the improvement of the internal structure of concrete at the same time make concrete more compact, can significantly improve the concrete resistance to sulfate, magnesium ions, especially chloride ions and other media corrosion ability, avoid the above medium into the concrete caused by the damage of the structure; Secondly, the rust resistance component can form a passivation film and adsorption film on the surface of the steel bar, so that the whole steel bar is wrapped by a layer of oxide film, compact is very good, can effectively inhibit the corrosion of steel bar caused by chloride ions for a long time; Third, the addition of plastic expansion components, produce larger early expansion, can effectively reduce the concrete in the stage of molding too many cracks, avoid corrosion medium from the crack corrosion concrete and steel. This product has certain anti-erosion ability for chloride ion, magnesium ion and sulfate ion, especially can greatly improve the ability of concrete and reinforcement to prevent chloride ion erosion. The product can be used in combination with anti-crack fiber and expansion agent, which can effectively enhance the durability of concrete.