YP-SFA® high performance expansion anti crack agent

YP-SFA ® high performance expansion anti-crack agent is an upgraded product of traditional waterproof expansion materials. The product is mainly a special admixture developed based on the current development status of concrete anti-crack expansion agent and compensated shrinkage concrete in China. The main components are calcium sulfoaluminate and concrete active agent. The product under the condition of the water can promote the cement material and thickness of the size of the metal elements in catalytic reaction, such can make cement particles fully broken decomposition, accelerate the hydration speed, reduce the hydration heat in order to achieve the purpose of completely hydrated, catalytic reaction in producing a large amount of high concentration slurry, cement has better cementation and compactness, The hardened concrete has the characteristics of water penetration resistance, dry shrinkage resistance cracking and compressive strength improvement, which can improve the durability of concrete. The engineering practice shows that its comprehensive crack resistance efficiency is obvious, and the workability of all kinds of cement is good, which can meet the needs of all kinds of commercial concrete construction.